Welcome to Profty, where we provide comprehensive singing development for singers and vocal teachers

Being a singer is so much more than hitting the right notes. It's about embracing the art of singing, expressing your unique self, and connecting with your audience.
Our Mission
At Profty, we understand that as singers, we need both technical and emotional preparation before facing an audience. While inspiration is important, it alone won't give you the knowledge and awareness you need. That's why we provide you with the tools for every aspect of the artistry.

Our curriculum focuses on what truly matters in singing any genre - vocal technique, performance technique, and style. We bring in the latest cutting-edge techniques and the world's best teachers to guide you on your journey. Our powerful learning platform is unmatched in the industry, ensuring that you receive the highest quality education.
Your love for the art has to be stronger than the pain of the rejection.

With Profty, developing your skills is a lifelong adventure

Our goal is to unleash the fullest potential of your voice and artistry. We believe that preparation with the right people is key to your success. We'll teach you how to have a healthy method of vocal production, deliver your story through music, connect deeply with your songs and audience, and contribute your unique gifts to the art of singing.

What sets Profty apart is our commitment to excellence

We pride ourselves on our three-fold approach to singing development - vocal technique, performance technique, and style. Our content and courses have revolutionized the way we consume information and learn. With our platform and online technology, we've achieved completion rates that are 5 times better than traditional singing lessons.
Upgrowth in singing, style, and performance
Better Completion Rates

But it's not just about the numbers.

Our deep dives into personal transformation and creative skills development truly stick with our students. We believe in surrounding yourself with people who want to help you win and grow. That's why our team of incredibly talented educators, led by Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson, are dedicated to helping artists like you achieve success.

Vocal Technique
Greg Enriquez
Master teacher
Performance Technique
Rhonda Carlson
Master teacher
Style Technique
Monique B Thomas
Master teacher
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